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September 24, 2013

A Little Practice…

Today I got a chance to practice!  I reviewed the songs that I already knew, and started to look up chords to some other songs that I like.  Playing the actual chords is pretty easy (considering that I already play guitar) but I think I need work on the strumming pattern.  I think I might need to locate someone that already knows the banjo to give me a few lessons so I actually know what I’m doing.  I also think I might need to start working on reading “actual” music (I can read bass clef, but not treble).  A lot of the songs in the Pete Seeger book are written out like that, so to learn them I’m going to have to start remembering how to read music, we’ll see if that happens!

I recorded myself playing “This Land is Your Land” (my greatest hit!!) but I’m not quite tech savvy enough to actually be able to put in in this post right now… maybe I’ll figure it out soon.

What I have found to be the most fun on the banjo is just improvising and playing whatever comes to mind.Image

Here’s the book I’m using.

Here are the chords to “This Land is Your Land” in case you want to try and play it on YOUR banjo!


The “Crawdad” song is also a good one.  I went to summer camp at a farm with I was nine, and we used to sing that song all the time…all these songs seem to keep bringing back memories, maybe playing the banjo is making me feel old…