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October 31, 2013

Banjo Movies

Movies with banjos… I hadn’t really thought about how some great movies have scenes with banjos in them- and then all of a sudden, I did.  I found a list online of movies that include banjos, and as I reflected back on the ones that I had seen, it was clear that the banjo was featured, and made a least a little bit on impression on me.


The movie that stuck out to me most was the Muppet Movie.  I couldn’t believe that I had forgotten that the banjo was featured somewhat prominently in one of my favorite childhood movies.  In the beginning of the movie, before Kermit sets out on his journey to become a movie star, he sits calmly in his bog singing “The Rainbow Connection”, and playing the banjo-of course!! Hard to believe that I did not remember this childhood banjo relic.  This song was always enjoyed by me- my sister and I even tried to memorize most of the lyrics one day.


Also on the list was “Cool Hand Luke” a movie featuring Paul Newman.  He plays the song “Plastic Jesus” which I had found unbelievable entertaining when I watched the movie, and sang it for weeks afterword.  The banjo, of course, is the instrument that he sadly plays throughout his prison sentence.  This is one of the bright spots in the movie, and was mostly what I remembered from the movie other than the upsetting ending.

Harold and Maude was also on the list, a movie that I have only seen once and had no recollection of a banjo whatsoever- but I found the clip with the banjo!  I want to watch it again- especially now that I know there’s a banjo!  Interestingly Bonnie and Clyde was also on the list, I’ve never seen that whole movie but for some reason I associate it with Harold and Maude even though the premise is almost entirely different.