Shady Grove

One of my favorite venues is a folk cafe called Caffe Lena.  A book and CD were recently released chronicling the cafe since its start in 1960.  I was listening to the CD  and heard some songs that had some banjo (which of course I was excited about).  Before I started this blog I didn’t pay a ton of attention to banjo, and so since beginning this I have heard so much more banjo than I ever would have expected.

One of the songs that stuck with me from the CD was Shady Grove played by Hedy West.  Listen here.  It’s awesome playing (in my opinion at least) and I think he voice is really distinctive. It’s amazing that all of these live recordings from the 1960s and 70s are in such great shape and have been released for everyone to hear.

Here’s kind of a summary of the collection with some more samples of songs to listen to at the bottom.  If you’re a folk fan it’s totally worth a listen!!

Caffe Lena CD


Caffe Lena is filled with banjos from contemporary bands, to the old days.  They also hold a “Banjo Masters in the Round” event on a pretty much yearly basis which brings a bunch of players together, with performances and workshops.  I’m not sure if one will be happening this year, but if there is one I hope to be able to experience at least a little bit of it as I have never attended before.



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