Banjo Building

I started thinking about building my own banjo today (I saw an inspiring picture online).  So I thought I would mix up my entries (instead of raving endlessly about all my fave players) and discuss a project that might be fun to one day complete (when I have the right craft supplies).

Here’s the link to the site that I found with step-by-step instructions…. despite the fact that it is on a site with ideas for “moms” I still think that it’s a pretty cool idea.  Despite the fact that this cobbled together instrument might not last very  long, or sound very in tune (apparently you can’t really tune it) definitely something that I am not going to disregard trying.  Maybe over winter break….

Here’s an article about banjo making back in the good ol’ days.  Thinking about the making of instruments is always somewhat fascinating.  That someone is able to cobble together some fibers and materials and make a thing that can create a sound that is unique and SOUNDS GOOD is really quite an amazing feat.  The life of an instrument can be a tough one, and is it so cool to think about how as the wood or the other mediums stretch, shrink, and crack the sound can eventually become stronger instead of weaker.  It’s pretty amazing what we are capable of doing.  So, I hope that when I get around to collecting the materials for a cigar box banjos, and maybe can play a note or two, I will feel as though I was able to create something truly special- even if it only last for a couple of hours.

cigar box banjos

cigar box banjos


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